Sweet Spot license question

Hi folks, I’m totally new to Cubase, just spent two hours attempting to register my product and Basic FX Suite. When I thought I’d finally gotten all the licensing procedures to jive, I opened the program and got a warning message that Sweet Spot morphing has not been activated and will shut the program down.

I can’t find any reference to Sweet Spot in my computer neither do I see anything about it in the licenser panel. I’m assuming I’ve missed something here, but I can’t find any way to address the issue. Any help is appreciated!

no clue for this one. Best thing you can do when having trouble with licensing, and this seems to be the problem, is to contact support from steinberg directly. Look at the link below for the howto.


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Maybe a suggestion here can assist?


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Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll be contacting support tonight. I must say the eLicenser thing is a good idea but it makes things far more complicated than any other device, hardware/software I’ve ever used!

A few other thoughts…

  • Hopefully this program was registered in your “MySteinberg” account. Check there for possible reactivation and support.

  • If that was not an option and you don’t have the license code that apparently came in the box with your hardware, maybe you can find the program in the computer control panel area and delete it there (for the time being?).

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There didn’t seem to be any problems with the serial number or activation codes, the only issue was with the Sweet Spot; I didn’t notice any reference to Sweet Spot during the installation process, only once I opened Cubase and it reported the error to me.

Based on what I read in the link I provided, I think the Sweet Spot software might be installed with your audio interface hardware. Not with Cubase. You never said what interface you have but I would look in that box for the cd and activation code for Sweet Spot. You might get lucky. :wink:

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