Swell effect pp to ff, CC#7 and/or CC#11, DXF patch

Okay this is the problem:

I want a swell effect for specified instruments (EastWest) but I am unable to achieve that under cubase using only one note.

for example pp < ff for one note (swell effect)

I can use velocities if there is more than one note but I don’t understand how to do it for one note.

This is what I read:

  1. CC#7 (not 17) and CC#11 are used to create swells
    2.On most instruments there will be a difference in timbre at pp and at ff. If you need a big swell, the timbre will change and you should look at using a DXF patch (on a separate track) and a combination of CC#1 (which controls the cross-fade between the soft timbre and loude timbre patch) CC#7 and/or CC#11. This way, you are able to change the timbre of the instrument in relation to the volume that it being played.

But I don’t understand how to implement it.

  1. What exactly is a DXF patch? I don’t understand how that procedure works.
  2. And in terms of CC,does that refer to the 0-127 instrument?
  3. From beginning to end, can someone refer to me how to set this up.

Lets say I have a note that I want to create a swell effect one.

  1. Set up CC with mod wheel. (I don’t have one. Can I do it some other way? And even at that where do I do this configuration?)
  2. Set up DXF patch. (Is this a layer? Like Audio, or Midi? It’s not in there. Or is it a Midi and I just set it to a particular instrument and that is the DXF patch.)
  3. Create swell (How do I do this?)


Couple of thoughts that might help.

  1. Looks like a “DFX” is an abbreviation for “dynamic cross fade” and from what I can tell its an “East West Instruments” thing.

here’s a link to a Sound on Sound forum discussing a similar topic.


I loaded up a basic strings patch (a Non-Note Expression one to keep it simple) and had descent results simply using the line tool to draw in a swell on CC11 in the key editor.

  1. Open key editor
  2. Go to the controller lane at the bottom and select CC11 (expression)
  3. Use the pen-tool (or for more consistent ramps, the line tool)
  4. draw in the curve

Granted, the strings patch I used isn’t terribly ‘expressive’’ but it did respond.

re: CC17, on my set up that controller is undefined (again, maybe an East-West thing? …not an East-West user)

re no Mod-Wheel: does your MIDI keyboard support “aftertouch” or “Poly pressure”? And if so, could you maybe map those to trigger CC11, CC17 or both and enter they data that way? (just a thought)

Hope this helps