Swing 16ths not burnin' anymore


The composer asked for quick dorico mock-ups that included some changes in timing. I’ve mostly been slowing down fermatas and adding repeat 5x (that sort of thing). But in this one section - which I have not altered in any way, shape or form - the swing 16ths are suddenly sounding…well… horrible. I thought maybe my ears were playing tricks on me - or may I had just been imagining it differently. BUT THEN, I found an older version of the audio that I had exported and I link it below.


In the GOOD VERSION at 2:47 you can here the swing that I am talking about. It sounds burnin’

In the BAD VERSION at 3:17 you can hear it suddenly sounds…well…not burnin’

Any idea why this is happening or how to fix it? I have tried just deleting and reapplying but it now insists on playing like this. Thank you!

Can you cut down the project to just the affected sections in just one or two instruments and attach it here?

Bad Swing version

Good Swing version

here ya go!

Piano is primarily the issue but the rest also sound a little too hip for the room.

@dspreadbury was referring to your actual project file, to see what’s going on inside.

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ah right. Here it is.

Measure 991 is where the swing issue begins.

The Precipice - 2.2 this is how the world catches fire.dorico (2.3 MB)

The issue is mostly in the piano but the drums and bass also sound a little iffy.

I think the issue is that the swing feel is actually beginning on the first note of the phrase (the low C), rather than on beat 1 (the 16th rest).

I’m not sure why this is happening. I’ve tried deleting all the manual swing indications and just setting the rhythmic feel (in Playback Options) to 2:1 swing 16ths (fixed) and it still happens.

Interestingly, with the feel set to 2:1 swing 16ths (fixed), playing right from the beginning, it seems that only the 13/16 bars are swung; the 12/16 bars sound straight.

It’s weird right? This was not an issue a few weeks ago.

Hi to anyone that is following this. Sorry to ping you but this is sort of a high priority that I figure this out (and one of the last things on my checklist). Any update on how to fix this?

I have played around with this. I haven’t found a specific cause, but I did find if I delete the 2 bars at Letter N (967–8 in that file), the Piano at Letter U swings correctly again. I don’t know whether that’s a clue or a red herring yet.

Interestingly, the play N times was the only thing I had added (before it was just a standard repeat). But when I tried to revert it, it retained its wonky swing playback.