Swing 8ths to revert to straight at coda

The file in question started as imported musicXML from Sibelius.

It contains a “DS al Coda” jump, and the next measure is the start of the coda section, with a coda section marker.

Playback is set to medium swing 8ths in Playback Options.

At the coda, playback reverts to straight (which I don’t want). There is no signpost for this change.

If I delete the Coda section marker, the time stays in swing.

Likewise if I delete both the Coda marker and the “DS al Coda.”

If I then re-add the Coda marker, swing feel remains, but if I then re-add the “DS al Coda” jump, the coda reverts to straight.

If I select the notes in the coda and use the Tempo popover to set “medium swing 8ths”, then “Rhythmic feel reset” signposts appear at the start and end of the coda, but playback remains straight.

EDIT: Deleting only the “DS al Coda” jump also results in the 8th notes remaining in swing feel at the coda.

Troubleshooting suggestions? Is this a known issue?

Version (Jul 5 2023)
M1 Max Mac Studio, 64 GB RAM, macOS 13.4.1 (c)

Often this problem arises when either the “Coda” marker or the “DS al Coda” jump isn’t exactly positioned at the barline - this causes the repeat structure to not quite line up with the time signatures, which which will mess up swing.

It seems that it was the location of the “To Coda” jump that caused the problem.

I thought I’d listened to that transition before and heard no problem, but maybe I hadn’t.

One thing I can say for certain is that moving out of position and then back into position resolved the issue. Thanks, @Richard_Lanyon !

Also: am I missing something, or is there no way to start playback, say, two bars before a “To Coda” jump and have it go to the coda?

To do this in Sibelius, you could find the time point of the “to Coda” jump and then drag the playback head in the pop-up timeline to navigate there. Really want that, and/or the ability to type a time point into the time readout in Dorico.

There are some key commands for positioning the playhead. If you select the start of the Coda, then you can do Move Playhead to Selection (alt-P) then rewind the playhead by hitting Rewind (F7 or + on the numeric keypad) a few times. Then you can start playback.

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Thanks again, @Richard_Lanyon - didn’t know about those key commands. Or the separate Transport window.

Though I know them now, it would still be nice to have the option of showing the fast forward and rewind buttons in the transport section of the main window in Dorico Pro. It seems odd that they’re only in the Transport window.

If that’s already possible, how? I checked Preferences and did searches and found nothing.

No, there’s no way to make those buttons appear in the mini transport in the toolbar, I’m afraid.