Swing-feel and instrument names.


  • Is there any possibility make Dorico play in a certain amount of swing?

  • Is it possible to text in a mark that shows that two eights = triplet-feel?

  • I want to write out drums (know this is work in progress). Can I for example take a vocal lead staff and change the name and clef to drums so that it looks like i’m writing drums? This will of course not work for playback, but for my final sheet.

I’m afraid Dorico cannot yet play swing. Making a good-looking “two eighths = quarter/eighth triplet” text item is a bit of a challenge at the moment, I’m sorry to say.

If you use an invisible clef rather than a percussion clef you should be able to write something that approximates the look of a drum kit, but unfortunately we won’t be able to do anything clever to convert that to a real drum kit when you get the update with proper percussion support in it, and you’ll need to do it again.

Ok, thanks! That’s ok for now though, my drumming playback is bass drum, share drum and hihat like old style with one line / drum. Works for playback, but I’ll rewrite the drums so it looks good for the drummer.

Do you do anything else in your life except answering posts in the Dorico forum? :thinking: You do it awesome anyway. Looking forward to the next update. No news of when…?

The update will be coming later in the autumn. Definitely before Christmas!

Wow! Totally super looking forward to that!

I remain confused on this swing question.

I would only ever score for jazz big band.
Thus I require to notate (display and print the score) in ‘straight’ quaver format.
But I require midi playback as swung quavers (2/3 beat, then 1/3 beat per crotchet.
(I have Cubase Score 3 & 5, and a simple tick box option implements that).

Can Dorico do this for the Jazz players of this world ?


Dorico cannot yet play written quavers as anything apart from straight quavers.

Thanks pianoleo, that is what I thought.

So, “What a disappointment”, this is surely a basic feature required by many, particularly the massive USA market.

Can anyone from the development team state if this is to be implemented in the near future (I’ll save my pennies otherwise).
ie: Fro the user’s straight written quavers, play them back as swing quavers.

The way Cubase Score 3 & 5 worked was…
User enters midi or mouse notes, as they should play (ie: For a crotchet beat, enter a 2/3 beat quaver, and a following 1/3 beat quaver).
The programs ‘swing tick option’, then displays those notes as two ‘straight’ length quavers.

Hopefully Dorico can be updated to do this !

We certainly do intend to support swing playback as soon as we can, CuZnTpt, but I’m afraid I can’t say when. I would always recommend that you save your pennies until the software you’re buying meets your needs!

May I ask what you are working on for the next update right now?

Right now we are working on some small mop-up tasks following Dorico 1.2’s release in December last year, and some bugs that have been hanging around since before 1.2’s release, and we are discussing the things that we will be working on for our next major release. We are also updating some of the tools and frameworks that we rely on in preparation for the next big chunk of work.

Ok, cool!

And answering a sh*t ton of questions on the forum of course. :slight_smile:

Thanks for a good program!