Swing feel lost on D.S

No. To do that, you select the guitar notes and use the Suppress Playback option in the lower properties panel.


Thank you very much. I’ll give it a try! Does the “number 1” mean “the first time suppresses playback and the second time plays normally”?

Yes. It doesn’t play on pass 1 and plays on every other pass.

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Hello, thank you very much, but there is a question, in the big repetition, will automatically jump to 2, how to solve this?

Nested repeats are not correct notation to my knowledge. Therefore Dorico is not playing what you want.

Hello! What if you change it to “Da capo”?

In the playback options you can choose, if Dorico should play the repeats on D.C. or not.

@Jason_Liu, the problem in your project is that Dorico doesn’t really handle segno jumps that go forwards. The D.S. marking in bar 24 jumps forwards to bar 33, and the swing feel will indeed be lost at that point, because Dorico expects a D.S. jump to go back to a segno in an earlier bar.

I’m not quite sure what your intended repeat structure is in the passage from bar 9 to bar 33. Is the idea that the performer plays bars 9-24, then bars 9-16 and bars 25-33, then goes back to bar 9 once more and this time plays bars 9-24 followed by bar 34? Or something else?


Thank you very much for your patient answer. I feel that I have made a mistake in my repetition