Swing fonction

Has the swing fonction been implemented in Dorico Pro 2?

I’m sorry, Joss, not yet, but we know this is important and we plan to add it in future.

I will second this request! I’ll also say that I just converted a couple of jazz lead sheets to Petaluma, and boy they are gorgeous! Great job folks!

Thank you Daniel for your answer. I have a suggestion for you. The upgrade from Dorico 1 to Dorico PRO2 will cost me 150$ canadian dollars. For the next upgrade, how about offering a FREE upgrade including the swing fonction (present in Musescore since…I don’t know), accompanied with very few minor improvements. Just to give a break to Steinberg clients. This would help me greatly to pay the 677$ canadian dollars I will have to pay to upgrade my Cubase Elements 9.5 to Cubase Pro. No hard feelings though. I am with Cubase since its Atari version. But I think its getting costly and costly on the run.


+1 on this - was really looking forward to Swing Playback and if we could have this in an upcoming minor update my world would be close to complete (mind you, I did purchase the 2.0 upgrade - what the dev team has achieved in such a short period of time is unbelievable)

I think this software is AMAZING and you’re all doing a FINE FINE JOB. But… no swing? In version 2?

Will the swing function be in the forthcoming update? Have a musical job to do where it is needed.

Yes, swing will be included in the forthcoming update.

Great news!

Thumbs up!

Thank you. Very good news.

That made my day - thanks.

Yes!!! Thank you Daniel and team.

Brilliant news!

We will provide a number of swing presets, including some that apply a constant ratio at all tempos, and some that sound more realistic, getting straighter as the tempo gets faster and “swingier” at slower tempos. You’ll be able to create your own swing presets, too. And you can easily change between straight and swing (or indeed different levels of swing) at any point in the flow, plus you can set individual instruments to have a different swing preset if necessary (so one can play straight while everybody else swings, for example). I’m sure there will be other things you will want beyond what is included, but hopefully it will be a good start.


Details sound awesome!

Very good news! Daniel, can we also expect Jazz articulations in the forthcoming update (at least notated)?

This more than a good start. Very well done. :smiley:

I don’t suppose we’ll also be seeing a “click” with this update? :slight_smile: (not to get greedy, but since the rhythmically-focused swing playback arguably goes hand and hand with having an audible click reference)?

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