Swing in one hand, straight in the other

I am trying to set swing playback for only one hand of a piano part in a given section. I.e. right hand is straight, but l.h. is swung. What’s the best way to do this?

Rhythmic feels apply to the whole instrument, including if you input them using Alt/Opt-Return and have enabled independent voice playback.

You could instead fake the piano instrument by having 2 separate instruments with single staves, and forcing them to have a bracket using the bracketing options in Engrave mode? Depending on how long the swung section is vs the rest of the project, that may be more hassle than it’s worth though!

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I was hoping there was something I was missing. This is a shame. It is not at all unusual in jazz or jazz-related styles to combine straight and swung eighths. It shouldn’t have to be a hassle (and wasn’t in Finale, which I mostly don’t miss at all!)

Is it possible to have a couple of instruments play swing in 4 bars, while other instruments play straight?
I am currently working on some music from West Side Story.

Yes, follow the link in my previous reply in the thread for applying rhythmic feels to individual instruments.

(^ Applies to the desktop, on the iPad you can’t input staff-specific items using Alt/Opt)

Thank you. Didn’t understand the comment first time I read it. :slight_smile: