Swing indications using system text

This is great!! Nice work.

That’s awesome, Florian! I want to use that for swing 16th notes.

Thank you, gentlemen!

Cblotus, that’s what I made it for. Like so?


I believe so, haha. That would create a 16th note shuffle, yeah?


Nice work, Florian! That looks great!

seems also a great way to enter notes symbols in the middle of text

Thanks, guys! Much appreciated.
I hope to be able to put some more work into it soon.

:astonished: Wow!


What a terrific font addition! Thank you!

Regrettably (I never thought that I would say this) I am on a Mac. The triplet bracket appears underneath the crotchet/quaver grouping for swing. Is this something that you may remedy in time from your end or does the bug in the QT Framework that you mention prohibit this?


P.S. I can’t imagine that the Dorico Team don’t plan to implement their own dedicated feature for Metric Modulations at some point (hopefully soon?). It’s a pretty relevant feature…

Well, there is already such a feature, they call it “tempo equations”. That’s a different thing than is discussed in this thread, though. Perhaps this functionality can and will be expanded to include rhythmic indications as described here in future.

Yes true and thanks for the reminder!

Still, no ability to show swing…

That’s the point of this post. Open the file, click on the system text, paste it in. You can use it in any project.

Sadly I can’t remedy it from within the font.
I may be able to create pre-built ligatures for the common swing indications to circumvent the bug. I’ll see what I can do.

Actually it was very easy to add two pre-built composites for “ternarily swung” eighths (3qe) and quarters(3hq). Basic swing indications should now work on Mac too. Get the latest version here.

Wow…that’s great !!!

This is really impressive! Too bad about the Mac bug. Any kind of metric modulation with a single tuplet note (ex. s=7s) doesn’t work on the Mac. Bummer!

I can’t do this for every possible combination, but if you tell me which modulations you need I can add pre-built composites for them so they work on Mac.

I think that tuplets with single notes would be most useful, i.e. the ability to type 3s, 3e, 3q, 5s, 5e,5q. Is that possible? Or would you have to build the entire equation, as in 3e=e, etc. I know absolutely nothing about font design.