Swing indications using system text

Yes true and thanks for the reminder!

Still, no ability to show swing…

That’s the point of this post. Open the file, click on the system text, paste it in. You can use it in any project.

Sadly I can’t remedy it from within the font.
I may be able to create pre-built ligatures for the common swing indications to circumvent the bug. I’ll see what I can do.

Actually it was very easy to add two pre-built composites for “ternarily swung” eighths (3qe) and quarters(3hq). Basic swing indications should now work on Mac too. Get the latest version here.

Wow…that’s great !!!

This is really impressive! Too bad about the Mac bug. Any kind of metric modulation with a single tuplet note (ex. s=7s) doesn’t work on the Mac. Bummer!

I can’t do this for every possible combination, but if you tell me which modulations you need I can add pre-built composites for them so they work on Mac.

I think that tuplets with single notes would be most useful, i.e. the ability to type 3s, 3e, 3q, 5s, 5e,5q. Is that possible? Or would you have to build the entire equation, as in 3e=e, etc. I know absolutely nothing about font design.

Another way to approach it might be to just be able to type tuplet numbers with brackets with no note values. Then it would be quick to put the metric modulation in as two text elements and then just move them into place.

I should add to this that I also use metrico to easily insert rhythm guides above notes to illustrate certain performance practices such as in here:

Yes - it is SO useful!

Thanks, you two. This is the kind of feedback that keeps projects such as these going.

Yes, I’ll take a look when time allows.

Sweet, cheers Dan and fkretlow!

I don’t know…I must do sth wrong, cause I know that this hadn’t be the case in former scores of mine when I used Metrico.
All of a sudden all my triplet signs appear beneath the note. I don’t know why.
Can anyone help please?
Bildschirmfoto 2019-06-22 um 08.35.35.png

Peer, I don’t have enough time today, but I’ll get back to you tomorrow. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on Metrico so I’d rather take a look at the feature code first.

wow, that’s of course super! Didn’t expect that. Nice :slight_smile:

I have taken a look at the font again. I’m afraid I can’t do much about it. What you’re seeing is the effect of that wretched bug in the font handling code of the Qt framework. (Dorico is built upon the Qt framework.) The bug only effects the Mac version of Dorico — have you always been working on Mac? The Qt developers have already fixed the bug, so it won’t trouble us anymore in the next major version of Dorico.

For now we need to work around it somehow.

Do you have access to a Windows computer with Dorico to export your pdfs from there?

If not: If there are just a few combinations that you need regularly, let me know. I can add them as prebuilt ligatures to circumvent the bug. I’m afraid it would be too much work right now to do this for every possible combination (6 note values x 8 tuplet numbers x 2 sides of the equal sign = 96 ligatures, and no time to write a script for it…).

Hey Florian - unbelievable kind of you. Thanx a million times for your efforts.
Yeaah, I’ve always been working on Mac (with all its disadvantages but of course also advantages).

I figured out a solution with Daniel’s SMuFl (https://w3c.github.io/smufl/gitbook/tables/beamed-groups-of-notes.html).
That’s always my workaround if Metrico doesn’t help :wink:

How do I move Dan’s solution vertically to get it in line with the tempo indication? It won’t drag down and doesn’t move down with Alt-down arrow. (Dorico 3, Windows 10)

Alternatively, how do I use Metrico? I can’t see any documentation on it.

You can only move things in Engrave mode. Are you in Engrave mode?