Swing indications using system text

It’s on the GitHub download page, https://github.com/fkretlow/metrico

If you want to do something else, just experiment :slight_smile:

I can only see a description of what Metrico is on the github page, not how to integrate it with Dorico so I can use the tempo indications like ee=3qe.

It’s just a font. Google instructions on how to install a font on whatever operating system you’re using.

Wonder wether I could create a macro to (for example):

  • Start system text entry (Shift-X)
  • Change font to Metrico
  • Enter ee=3qe

Tried to record this, but it doesn’t work.

No, I don’t think you can do this, I’m afraid, because Dorico won’t record the changes you make within the text editor as separate commands that will be “seen” by the macro recorder.

When Dorico’s scripting can’t deliver what you’re after, it’s worth trying with Keyboard Maestro. In this particular case you can get KM to record a macro that works and as one of the fields is Text entry you can copy and adapt it for other swing indications.

Thanks to Daniel and David

Thanks to Dan and Florian for this thread and font! :smiley:

Thank you so much Florian, it works like a charm… on a Mac !!

Thank you! It’s much better than the work around I wasn’t proud of (a second flow with rhythmic notation on a snare drum part…)

Also, MusGlyphs now supports pretty much all tempo equations and metric modulations. MusGlyphs.com