Swing playback: TEMPORARILY reverting to straight 8's, then resuming original swing

After setting a swing eighths rhythmic feel (Playback options/timing) for a flow, is it possible to assign a straight eighths playback for a section (within the same flow), and then resume the original swing?

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Use the Tempo popover: Tempo popover (steinberg.help)

Thanks, Dan! I saw a previous forum entry that specified that, and tried it myself – but it had no effect on playback. Have since figured it out (I had signposts hidden and expected the popover to result in text as well as playback).

See also here for the specific set of steps for adding rhythmic feels for specific sections and/or instruments.

Thanks, Lillie!
Wow – all these hidden gems, under the hood! :smiley:

Hidden? :thinking:

. . . but now revealed. :wink: