Swing presets inside of Cubase 7


I’m trying to make a funky bassline within cubase 7 - I have a problem though. The swing!

Inside of Ableton Live or Logic you have different presets of swings that are from the MPC, etc. Really swingy stuff. Inside of Cubase 7 I only find the % and what swing according to the grid (16th 16thT etc) that I can choose from. Is there any way to integrate the swings from Ableton Live and Logic? such as MPC swings and 16C swing from Logic?

Would appreciate it alot! Thanks a bunch!

Anyone? please?

You can copy any midi part in the current arrangement as a groove quantize…

Select part…

Edit Menu / Advanced Quantize / Create Groove Quantize Preset

That way you could also easily import swing settings of other DAWS. Just make a 16th pattern in anpther sequencer, qunatize ot with the quantization of your choice, save and export the midi file. Use that pattern to create a quantize - pattern as noted above…


P.S. I belive once I found a site on the net where someone already exported many good MPC etc. grooves for use in cubase…

Incidentally Groove patterns are also useful in creating snap grids normally not available, like quintuplets or odd meter patterns.

Here’s the Groove Templates SB set up a while ago and made available:-

you need to load them up and save off each set as appropriate (groove/quantise sets). There is a more in-depth instructional thread about how to use/store these, written by JHP I think, somewhere in this forum… :wink:

Also, you could take a look at these:-

You want the VST Groove Parts - though, they may be the same sort of thing as above; haven’t checked.