Swing/Quantize presets organizer

We need to be able to class things like in the plugin manager…(and well be able to use some content from other DAW would be great…the quantize possibilities of AbletonLive is amazing…Cubase lacks of it)
Cause if you have a lot of different quantize/swing presets, the list is a pain in the A to check (especially when choosing one of the bottom).

It would love to be able to class them by % or by type (MPC, SP12, Cubase) or by timing (1/8, 1/16, 1/32).
The list would be less clustered and way more effective than a “never ending” list you gotta scroll.

I’m sure it’s not a very tuff programming request :laughing:


i agree to this. would help us organize our quantize presets and use them easy.
its been mentioned on one of the Google Hangouts with Greg Ondo so hope to see this soon…



Also, maybe I’m missing something but are there are no creative swing presets that come with Cubase? For example the way Ableton has hip hop, mpc

+1 I like this idea (also with great swing presets like in Live).

You can download (or create from scratch) some (like on Goldbaby’s site for MPC60 groove templates)…and input em in Cubase…

+1 for organizing quantize presets by folders, category+search (long time request from me too)

+1 I would be happy if Q presets were dealt with in a similar way to PLE presets.


Also the active quantize setting should be saved with the project. As it is the last one used stays active even when opening a different project where a different preset was used in its creation.

That’s what I do but I love how Live comes with a decent variety ready to go

Or Plug-In Manager?

Sure, but lighter. Like track preset browsers.

Just bumping this thread again… do these threads even get checked by Steinberg personnel anyways?

Well, for sure the groove quantize settings need some kind of organisation. Groove quantize is an immensely powerful tool and having easy and concise access to our own groove presets is def needed. As it stands, it’s a bit of a mess; an oversight even.

Would love some kind of feedback in this respect. Slightly sloppy playing is one thing for many. Quantizing it back into perfect time is another step. But taking that and applying groove in various ways, along with velocity can take parts to whole new levels.

Sort it out (please) Steinberg. Other than that, very much loving 9.5… the rest of the midi editing tools are insanely cool…


  • 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000




and apparently its not for C10 … though it seems a so small request, I mean not a deep function, just a “folder” function :smiley: :laughing:

Funny part, look at how cubase Quantize menu looks here:

and that’s from 2016…
Why can’t I get my list to behave that way… :frowning: