Swing Quantize settings not saved as part of project

If you make any swing adjustments to quantize, say to 30% swing on 16ths, the setting is not saved in the project file.

You then open another project that doesn’t have swing, and change it to straight 16ths.

The opening the original file, you have to remember what the swing was.

I write it in the notepad - it should be part of the project file.

You have to save it as a preset.

that’s great, I will do that, but tht’s a workaround. It should still save with the song.

Otherwise you have to manage it manually - remembering to do it, naming it correctly, and manually having to go and reload it.

Imagine if your channel settings for a master fader were not saved with the song but could only be recovered from a preset.

If your song has quantize settings they are important enough to save with the song.

Are you coming to Cubase from another program?

It’s a matter of one click to save, and the default name is descriptive enough, at least to me.

What should happen if you experiment with different swing feels in one piece? Should Cubase remember each one you tried?

Though I do see your point. It would be nice to have a project, i.e., not global quantize and groove quantize presets.