Swing the whole grid?

Suppose i have a Cubase project (12 Pro) consisting of several midi tracks (no audio tracks). All the parts are programmed in and quantized on a straight 4/4 grid in cubase. Is there a way i can have cubase play back the entire project (as a whole, all tracks) with a swing feel, without actually shifting the midi notes off the grid? I’m not sure if i’m asking this clearly… i want everything in cubase to look like it’s perfectly quantized on the grid, but i want to tell cubase to play back the entire thing (the timing grid itself) with a swing feel (without having to modify individual midi tracks). Is this possible?

I think the closest solution for you is to use the midi quantizer insert. (you’d find midi inserts in the inspector)

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I just tried out the Quantizer Midi insert for adding swing… that’s very nice. Thanks!

If I understand what you are looking for the answer is Time Warp.