Swinging only one instrument


Can I indicate a Swing feel for just one instrument, and have the others play straight eighths?
Ideally this would also reflect in playback, of course.



Absolutely! If you input swing/rhythmic feels using the tempo popover, you can press Alt-Return to input the feel and close the popover, which inputs it only onto the selected staff. (Just like when inputting a time signature or key signature onto one staff only)

Nice! thanks

It seems like you can either do one staff or to all staffs. I tried choosing a few staffs and it didn’t seem to work, is that so?

Actually it doesn’t work on one staff either for me.
When I choose Medium swing 8th, the popover closes by itself, shows on top staff and inserts a reset signpost in the next bar.
If I delete that reset, double clicks the first signpost it highlites and I can close it with Alt Return but then it applies to all staffs.

It does work, but you do need to make sure you confirm the popover with Alt+Enter to create a local rhythmic feel change.

On a Mac? Alt + Return?
As I said the popover closes on its own after selecting medium swing 8th and adds Rhytmic feel reset on the second beat of the next bar.

So, you’re going polythythmic, aren’t you?

Make sure you have the complete rhythmic feel selected in the popover before you hit Alt+Return. In common with all popovers that offer completions, you have to hit Return twice to confirm your choice. You don’t need to hold Alt for the first press of Return, but you do need to hold Alt for the second press.

Type “swing” in the (shift+t) popover, various swing alternativs shows up in the menu, correct? Then use arrow keys - not the mouse - to select the desired swing variation.
(Then alt+return.)

Ah, not the mouse! Thank you kjonsson. Perhaps a small complement to the manual Lillie Harris?

It’s already been done, to be updated in the near future :slight_smile:

Thanks. Perhaps one should try not using the mouse whenever something doesn’t function as expected?