Swing'n Billy

This is a classic rock, jazz fusion style song with an Allman Brothers feel.
As far as I know, I haven’t “borrowed” any melodies or chords progressions directly but let me know if I am mistaken.
Done fully with Cubase 8 and it (to be perfectly honest) has been a delight to use. The guitars and bass are recorded by me, the keys are Kontakt, and the drums are Jamstix.
Constructive comments are always welcome!

Swing’n Billy

I like the repetitive rhythm guitar running through the piece and feel you should have made more of it, ie a little louder in the mix…it has a nice feel about it, I think the lead guitar is a little to “up” in the mix,

a nice “cruising” instrumental :slight_smile:

everyone uses the same old chord structures and as far as I know you can’t hold intellectual copyright of a chord sequence.
unless it’s “Wild thing” or “You really got me” nobody could use them again could they. :laughing:
it’s the song on top of the chord structure that counts.
and i don’t think you’ve accidentally used anyone else’s tune.

Good instrumental with a good feel… :slight_smile:

best, Kevin

Hi Jaslan, great to hear something from you… seems like it has been a long time. I like this one - definitely that Allman vibe. Nice playing! I think you could get a little more punch out of the mix. Louder bass guitar? More kick? Snappier snare? Less reverb overall on the drums, maybe? The low tom is quite ringy… Just ideas. And it could be overall louder… I had to turn it way up over here. I like the guitar tone on both lead and rhythm.

yep ,i like it ,sounds like a mix between the doors and allman bros ,the drums sounds a little bit understated but that’s the only nit. i like the rotary or fast chorus on the guitar giving the Hendrix vibe. good one.

Thanks for listening and the comments everyone!