Swiss german key command settings

Hoi zäme!

I prepared some key command settings for the swiss german keyboard layout. Feel free to use or enhance.

Is there some place where user defined keyboard settings can be collected to share with others?

Old_toby (3.01 KB)

Thanks for sharing these. There is at present no good place for these to be shared. If more users start posting their own sets, we could perhaps provide a sticky thread where they could be collected.

Other users might find it useful to know what you’ve changed versus the default shortcuts in your file so that they understand the rationale for your changes.

These are my changes:

normal accidentals are at the same place as the german settings.
For respelling using the note above I had to use alt+$ because alt+? doesn’t work

Tenuto: $ (same place)
Staccato tenuto: £ (same place)
The staccato posed some problems. The swiss kbd layout has many dead keys next to the return and backspace keys (¨, ^, `, ~ etc.).
I put the staccato on !, which is on the same place but with shift. But Dorico’s behaviour is a bit erratic there, it sometimes only let’s me enter a ¨ even if I enter it with shift pressed. But that is only the case for key commands.
Staccatissimo is on :, maybe I move both to : and ;.
Stress and unstress is on à and è (same place as usual).

to navigate forwards and backwards in play mode, I chose ctrl+ö/ä. Ctrl+ü doesn’t work because the tool for key commands reads it as [.
Similar for switching between layouts and change grid resolution. That is on alt+ö/ä.