Switch Articulation using keyboard

Is there any possibility to toggle between articulations with some shortcut? Or let Cubase go to the infolinefield “Articulations”?

Im using the Attribute mode within expression maps which I much prefer over direction cause of several reasons.


I’m afraid this is not possible.

It took some research but I discovered a solution: I installed Autohotkey and programmed this code to select the first Articulation, using the Keycommand “CTRL+B”. Keep in mind, that I’m using a 4k Monitor, so the X and Y coordinates might not be the same within your DAW. You can use the program “Window SPY” which automatically installs with Autohotkey!

So the next step will be combining Autohotkey with LEMUR, in Order to be able to “Write” Keycommands with the iPad.

The reason, why this code is not a click only is, that I wanted the mouse to be hidden while moving.

Settitlematchmode, 2
SetMouseDelay, -1
; — Auto Exec
; nothing

; — Hotkeys

; — Functions
MouseGetPos Px, Py
Click, %x%, %y%, %Clicks%
Click %Px%, %Py%, 0