Switch between headphones and speakers

HI, I have a question. I have a UR-C24 and of course headphones and Speakers.
Is there no hardware solution to switch the sound output between the 2 devices?
Currently I use this crappy “Tools”-app to work with the “DJ”-Setting, but this is not a good solution.

On the urc I have of course the output volume and a volume for the phones, but not for the monitor speaker…or is it that I am too blind? :slight_smile:
Thank you


The output volume is the monitor speaker vol.
I have a UR22C and I have to turn the output vol off if I am using the headphones or switch off the speakers. It would be great if there was an output mute button.

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Thank you, that was the solution :slight_smile:

Are you considering any external apps? NirSoft can switch between headphones and speakers using the CMD command. And audioswitch is a tiny app which can switch between devices using keyboard shortcuts. I am now waiting for audioswitch headphone stand.