Switch between master pages [Solved]

Hi fellow Doricians !

I just came across a little thing these days, editing a little operetta from Offenbach. I decided to allow new flows on existing pages, because in the third number, there were some little dialogues that could use the possibility of making this number with two “continuous” flows, and the dialogue in between. But I certainly wanted to have all “real” numbers begin in a new page, with the looks of a new number.
I discovered I could not switch between default master page and first master page, but that I could insert page and select which type of page it should be. It works perfectly, but I was wondering if we could change, in Engrave mode, in the right panel, just by right clicking on the page, the master page attached to it. I think it would make things way easier for the user.

I’m probably being dense… but isn’t that how it works now? You just make sure the page is selected (blue frame) and then right-click it…?

I think what Marc is asking for is the ability to simply select a page in the Pages panel, then select a master page pair in the Master Pages panel, and have the master page used by the selected page just like that. We aren’t going to make it work that way, I’m afraid, since you need to be able to change the selection in the Master Pages panel (e.g. to select a master page pair to duplicate, edit, or delete) without affecting any of the pages in your layout.

Actually, I found what I was looking for : Insert Master Page change. This allows me to change the type of page without inserting a new page. I don’t know why I did not see it before. I change the status of the topic !