Switch between multiple players accross multiple flows

I am writing an orchestral piece in multiple flows. I have 2 percussionists that have to switch the instruments between them in the different flows. Example below:

  1. percussionist plays: glockenspiel, snare, triangle
  2. percussionst plays: cymbals, bass drum

Flow 2
Now the 1. percussionist is playing play tam-tam, triangle and toms
so the 2. percussionist has to play snare drum as well as the cymbals.

So how do I go about this? Shall I create multiple sets - 1 for each player / flow?
I don’t like the idea of having the labels “snare drum 1” and “snare drum 2”, or “glockenspiel 1” and “glockespiel 2”. They are playing the same instruments.
Is there a way around this?

If you make each percussionist a group holding all the instruments necessary, will that suppress the instrument numbers?

Actually with the list OP provided you wouldn’t even need groups, be there are no instruments appearing twice.
Just put all instruments for all flows to each player, that should work in your case.

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No Derrek. Thats the problem. Then I would get Glockenspiel 1,2,3… and Bass Drum 1,2,3… etc.
It would be nice to be able to do as you suggested. Then Dorico would take care of the rest. Like “Go to cymbals” or “Go to Glockenspiel”
I have say though, that this is my first time that I use Dorico for a project and I must say that I really like working with program and all its features. So it could be that I am missing something here…

Oh btw klafkid - what is the OP list?

OP = Original Poster (that would be you). So, he’s referring to the list of things you made in your first post in this thread.

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