Switch between Performer 4 and 5

I’m working with two artists, but one can only get up to Performer 3 on his Mac. The other has Performer 5.

I’ve just upgraded to 5, but does anyone know, how to, or is running both versions?

Thanks in advance for any help.


you should always use the same version on both ends if possible. Some differing versions are incompatible, some are not but may be missing features. What do you mean ‘can only get up to Performer 3’?

Thanks for the reply.

I do understand that both studio and artist have to run the same version, but one artist I work with has a very old Mac and his operating system (10.10 I think) can only support Performer v 3.0.

So I was asking if there’s a way to ‘flip’ between the two. I understand that it’s a plug-in at the studio end, so wonder if I can install both and choose which one I use (maybe in plug-in manager??)



no such flip, sorry. You will have to de/re-install each time.

Ah. I thought that would be the case. Many thanks for getting back.