Switch between pro and elements when in trial period

Hi! Do anybody know if its possible to switch between Dorico Pro and Dorico Elements during the trial period? I got both elements and pro activated, but when opening the program, the pro version always opens up. I am thinking that maybe I can deactivate the pro version trial activation just to be able to open up the elements version, but then I may not be able to activate the trial for the pro version again?

Try pressing ctrl while launching Dorico. There’s a combination to launch SE as well. Actually, the three tiers use exactly the same program, with different authorizations.

Hi! I tried pressing ctrl when lanching it but it opened up se SE version :slight_smile:

If I temporarly deactivate the pro 4 trial, to be able to use the elements 4 trial, can I activate the trial for the pro 4 version again later?

I tried again, pressing down ALT and now it worked! So never mind! Thank you!