Switch focus to project zone

Does anybody know of a keyboard shortcut/command/macro to switch the focus to the project zone? I frequently use keyboard shortcuts that only work in the project zone, but they often fail because I’ve got the focus on the wrong zone. I can click on the project zone, but that defeats the purpose of using a keyboard shortcut.

Have you tried TAB or Shift+Tab to cycle through the different parts of the layout?

I’m looking for a single key stroke solution that I can insert into macros. Also, cycling through 4 zones is a bit of a pain, especially when you’re doing it quickly and you accidentally go past the project zone.

I’m hoping there’s a non-obvious key command that can set the focus to the project zone as a side effect. As one example of the problem, I often press a key to zoom in the project window, but if the focus was in the mix console the wrong zone zooms. If there was a key command that sets the focus to the project zone, then I could make macros that only operate on the project zone.