Switch from mono to stereo track

How do I quixikly switch a mono audio track to stereo track ?

Often I would want to widen a mono audio track but can’t figure out how to switch track to stereo

Add a stereo track to your project then drag or copy whatever you want from the mono track to it.

FWIW… I never use mono audio tracks. Ever.

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But when I have automation and takes and audio clips, insert effects etc on the track its not that simple to just create a new track and copy over everything

Route the mono track to a stereo group track.

render in place, is also a possibility.

That’s pretty much the workarounds I was doing before.

So looks like no way to switch track from mono to stereo

Unfortunately there is no simple button to push to change a mono track to stereo or vise versa.

So yes… you would have to reinsert the VSTs but everything else would be copied. A fairly simple process imho.

Even simpler for future consideration… change your templates to use stereo audio tracks.

I really don’t remember seeing a good reason to ever use a mono audio track.

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Duplicate the mono track and select original and duplicated track -> Project -> Convert Tracks -> Mono to Multi-Channel. Delete the created audio content and replace with the content from the original track. Keeps automation.

That’s the quixikliest way I know. :slight_smile:

From this Video you can do this in Cubase Pro 10

Goto feature #8 it shows how to convert a mono track to a stereo track.

If you’re using hardware inserts - compressors for example - often you’ll want a mono track over a stereo track.

I’d like it if there was an easy way to switch.

I don’t want to got off topic here but, the subject of this thread is switching from a mono to stereo track. I assumed this meant that the OP recorded a mono source onto a mono track and wanted to move that to a stereo track (no mention that the OP wanted to change the mono recorded audio file to a stereo file). When you do this in Cubase the recording stays mono and basically the only difference is that Cubase will use stereo types of VST effects (like a reverb) better. From what I can tell there is nothing else that is different.

Of course if you change the mono recording to a stereo recording then yes… I agree, inserts will definitely work differently. :wink:

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ah ok my bad - i just tried it and indeed if you using a mono file on a stereo track - you can sill apply a mono hardware insert and it treats it as mono.