Switch hardware connections for different studio environments?

although running Cubase Pro 10.0.5 I never had the time (and need) to dive into its full potential. But now I may have a usecase.

I run Cubase on a notebook and move back and forth between different (home-)studio environments. Different MIDI equipment, different sound cards, even different VSTis which I can use. Yet I haven’t found a quick way to change all relevant settings for Cubase. First I have to switch ASIO driver, then select correct channels/ports, then exchange all MIDI outputs to the new outboard equipment, etc.

I bet there is a better way, any suggestions?

Regarding MIDI I already have a workaround. I use a software MIDI patchbay, so within Cubase all MIDI routing can stay the same and in the patchbay I can recall saved settings for all my needs.

This also fixes another need I have: I need particular MIDI tracks in Cubase send the MIDI stream simulaneoulsy to multiple devices. This is easy with my patchbay. Is there a way to achive this within Cubase Pro?