switch lanes on multiple tracks at same time?

Hi, is it possible to switch lanes (show lanes button) on multiple tracks at the same time?

I have a drumrecording and want all tracks to show without lanes and it’s a bit of work to switch them all after each other. Can I do it with one push?
Any idea is welcome. Thanks
Rolf :laughing:

I almost always record acoustic instruments in stereo and this feature would be useful to me as well … although 2 tracks are obviously mush easier than a drum setup.


Sorry for OT but why not use stereo tracks Jason? I always use them, even for mono recording, since I tend to use many stereo insert effects and most mono effects work in parallel when put on stereo tracks anyway.


You can do this with the “project logical editor”.
I used one of the example presets as a model for this (called “toggle lanes active” filed under “tracks”)

if container type = track then
set lanes active = disable (or enable)

Create the logical editor preset, then bind a key to it.


I should consider the stereo track route. I usually don’t pan hard left and right and normally one side will be louder than the other (sometimes I only end up using one side). I tend to mix the mic I liked best to where I want to hear the instrument, then pan the other totally to the opposite side (much lower in volume) as this helps widen the instrument a bit and adds dimension to the recording. I will also process them differently sometimes and even time-align them from time to time. I’d have to figure out if all of that can be accomplished with stereo tracks.

Thanks for the idea. I’m going to experiment a bit.


Thanks buddy, works fantastic.
You da man.