switch mono channel to stereo

make it possible to switch a mono channel to stereo and vice versa. (was possible long time ago but got removed)



+1 please. This would be so useful in the mix stage, e.g. when deciding to add a wide stereo flanger to a guitar or when adding ping pong echoes to the vocal.





How would that work for a multichannel VSTi, how would it know what output channel to use?

Say I had a Battery mono 15 and want to change that to stereo. What is it going to do if I’ve used all my stereo outs?

+1. I frequently would like synth outputs, which are inevitably stereo, to be summed into a mono signal and treated that way for subsequent routing. This is always somewhat of a pain to set up - it would be so nice if it were easy.

According to a Groove3 training video, it is suggested to record a mono source onto a stereo track to be able to apply stereo effects. This works, but it would be better for me to be able to switch a mono channel into a stereo one at a later time.

This is not an issue I think.

You can record a mono source on a stereo track by selecting a mono input of your soundcard. You will see a mono waveform and the audio file will be mono. You can also use mono plugins and keep the track mono if you wish, but you can always switch to stereo somewhere in the chain, by using a mono to stereo type plugin (mono input, stereo out).

So use mono channels if you are absolutely shure it has to be mono forever, and stereo for everything else.
Personaly I see no use for mono channels, as I can do anything I want with stereo channels.

And if you want to make a stereo source mono, just use the “dual panner” option, set both channels to center, (control click) and that’s it…

For me it is an issue. I have a lot of old projects that I want to remix with console 1. But to work properly id needs stereotracks. Most of my tracks ar mono. As I can not change them, I would have to build up my old projects complete new…

Hello, I understand.

Asuming you only want to do this for specific tracks in a song, for example if you want to put a stereo chorus INSERTED after your mono inserts on a mono guitar track :

Starting from version 7 you can select a channel, use [ctrl]+c to copy all settings, and [ctrl]+v to paste the settings to a new channel, this includes all settings like sends, eq, inserts, etc, just NOT the routing.

By moving all audio or midi to the new channel while holding [ctrl] it will not be moved in time.

You still have to rename the new channel and recreate in and output routing as needed.

hope this helps.