Switch on recording light in ADR mode already during countdown


within Nuendo 12 I use a recording indicator which i can switch via midi. With a “generic midi controller” (Studio Setup) I can switch the recording indicator on and off with any custom midi command.

Here is my question:

In ADR mode, I would like to turn on the red light a bit earlier (during the recording countdown) and not when Nuendo goes into the actual recording. There is the possibility to send a midi command at “PreRoll”, but a PreRoll is also sent outside the ADR recording mode, which results in the red light being switched on in normal mode before the recording as well.

Basically, it would need a command “On ADR Countdown”, but this does not exist.

Does anyone have an idea how this could be solved?


I had the same issue. Solved it with an external programable Keyboard. (like X-Keys) sending an command direct to the indicator. Nuendo I set up that whenever it stops it is sending “stop - machine” to the indicator. Routing and transformation of midi messages I did with a small application called midi-translator from Bome.
With the external Keyboard I control the whole ADR - Tool also. Including changing the start point of the cycle-marker, going to a specific timecode, next marker, previous marker or even locating direct to an specific take number. Works very well and extreme fast. :wink: