Switch to Dorico Pro 3.5 from Sibelius or Finale and save 50%

From Monday 17 August until Wednesday 16 September, we are reducing the price of the Dorico Pro 3.5 Crossgrade by 50%.

Most of you reading this post will already be Dorico users, of course, but if any of your friends, enemies, colleagues, pets or other acquaintances have been on the fence about switching to Dorico, now would be a great time for them to get on board.

Full details of the promotion can be found on this special web page.

I have also written a blog post with answers to what we anticipate might be frequently asked questions about the promotion, which you can find here.

Several members of the user community here on the forum appear in the #DoricoSwitchStories video we have made to promote this special offer. We will also be sharing further user stories via social media over the next few weeks. Thanks to the dozens of Dorico users who submitted videos and shared their stories with us!

Please share the YouTube video, or the blog post, or the special crossgrade web page and help spread the word about this special offer.