Switch to windows 10 while it's free?

Ok it’s a last call… if we dont switch before end of july for free, then W10 will cost you money. Fine …ok… But beside that If I switch to relaise half of my plug ins dont work and crash etc… I prefer to stay solid with windows 7

So my question is not about cost to switch. My question is : have any of you switched to windows 10? How is it going?? Any problems since that???

Thanks a lot

Short answer - yes!

One or two applications needed re-installing so they’d show up in the menu, I’m not a massive fan of the Start Menu - it doesn’t handle sub-sub-menus on this upgrade (although a clean install I’ve heard is fine)…in fact, there’s quite bit I’m not keen on…

But in general it works just fine, it even feels a bit quicker, no gripes there at all. Cubase never even blinked…

And frankly, it was a no-brainer for me to do the upgrade, and I’m speaking as one who’s usually happier to wait for others to be the guinea pigs and stick with what works until I see a compelling reason…

The compelling reason - this is a free upgrade and sooner or later support will stop for 7 and 8 - sooner, I’m thinking. I think MS is trying to streamline its development (and who can blame them) and wants to get everyone on the universal-on-all-devices Win10 to make life easier for itself and so is offering the free upgrade.

Wait and you’ll end up having to pay for it - and my guess is that won’t be long.

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