Switch track from mono to stereo

Simple yet very important feature: to Switch track from mono to stereo. Alot of free DAWs can do this , but not cubase

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+1 ! A two way switch should be even better.

Cubase 10 has a tool for switching mono to stereo or vice versa.
Check the menu item : Project > Convert Track
Assign a shortcut for “multi-channel to mono” and another for “mono to multi-channel” and Voilà

I agree… and whilst you’re at it, the ability to replace any type of track with another, without removing the routing, inserts and other parameters… This would allow us to edit our very large templates much more easily.


Bashing others people’s ideas and using offensive language is far more dumb and futile, not to mention ignorant. Shows a real lack of intelligence.

How about actually explaining why you think the idea is dumb, and be constructive about it? Maybe others will understand you better… going off on a rant without even giving a reason is pathetic pal.


because I am at this forum for a long time, this mono\stereo begging are here for ages and nobody actually said why it should be implemented. I can’t even figure out why would anybody want to do it. What’s up with it? Aren’t you able to put a mono clip on a stereo track or stereo on a mono? Aren’t you able to conver\merge\substract\flip\balance an audio clip already. Do you actually know what is going on behind the scene in the arrangement track and how audio engine handles this. Anybody asked themselves why isn’t it still implemented if that’s so easy? What about consistency? Why some track should magically become some other track? Let’s go further and ask to convert a signature track into a midi or an audio into a time-track. A button that makes a shitty mix a production ready masterpiece won’t harm too.

Really, go and check FR of other people. It looks like they have just started to use Cubase and don’t even get what is really important and what is not. And they think that hanging out at the forum will make their mixes better.

While Cubase are in lack of some crucial things like MIDI macros (to easy bind one controller to multiple instruments at once), maybe a built-in osciloscope \ fader vst (so you needn’t to download free 3rd party stuff all the time), good virgin zones implementation, offline processing presets, UI fixes, etc etc etc

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Dude, if people have just started to use Cubase, they won’t fully know what they’re doing will they? I’m still learning to use features of Cubase after 10+ years. What is this chip on your shoulder about features “making mixes sound better” and “dumb people” - no one said that these “buttons” will make mixes sound better… but the reason I would quite like to be able to replace track types is because:

I’ve just spent two hours making a template to try out using a number of sampler tracks, and realised that with a template of 60+ channels that having many of them as samplers just gets too buggy… wouldn’t it be super useful to be able to replace all sampler tracks with audio tracks without losing any routing or inserts you have set up?

How does your problem attached to the mono\stereo track transform feature requesst?

To reply to you problem I’d do this. You can select tool numer 2 and select all \ few semple tracks and do “render in place” + transfer channel settings

You will make it and you get sampled audio with inserts.

And now you can delete sample-tracks. New Audio tracks keeps routing too.

It’s not directly related but I just brought up while we are discussing converting channels from mono to stereo. Why not be able to convert audio to sampler?

The method you have suggested is very welcome indeed and thanks (I should have thought of that), but it still is only a workaround and more a side-effect of what render in place is supposed to be used for as opposed to a dedicated right-click option such as “replace track with…”

I see a lot of disadvantages in the method you say.

  1. hard to implement redo\undo functionality because a lot of stuff happens behind your back.
  2. you don’t need to render in place 1 hour project just to get 5 sec audio from MIDI part
  3. you cant set locators, the whole midi \ sampler track will dissapear and huge audi file with tonnes of silence will appear
    That’s ridiculous, really.

    So basically your request is to make steps 1,2,3 that Cubase already offers into a one giant step that is hard to be managed and tweaked. To me, it is a superficial approach into doing things.

Ok now we’re actually discussing why you think it’s a bad idea - great! I don’t know anything about software development/how difficult this is to implement. So you may very well be correct about stuff going on behind the scenes for it to function.

Huge +1


Can I make a request to ban annoying feature-requesters that don’t know how to use s e a r c h?

So just because you don’t understand it, then nobody else should even ask for it? Please. Keep your childish tantrums to yourself.

This has been a feature in Logic for ages and it’s brilliant. If you for instance want to put a stereo chorus on a mono track - go ahead. Of course you could do that in Cubase but it requires a lot more steps, creating a stereo track, moving the audio to the new track, routing and so on.

A feature that might be crucial for one person might be utterly pointless to another. That’s just the way the world spins. Attacking others or losing your temper over feature requests doesn’t do anyone any good.

They could add their request to the already existing request thread.

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I don’t see a real reason for this feature for tracks but I really would like to have it for groups (because you never know will client’s snare sampled track be mono or stereo – so in my preset, I have both types of groups – mono and stereo; and just remove the unneeded group in a new mix every time).

WE do have ‘Send to Sampler’. As I use RETURN for Bounce, Shift Return is my short cut to send whatever audio part is selected to become a Sampler Track.

Yes, switching Mono tracks to Stereo with a low click count is a badly needed must!!!
Example: 20 songs, 20 tracks each all recorded on Mono tracks
You want to use Izotope Visual Mixer on all 20 songs, because it gives your clients a comfortable visual way to join in on the mixing process.
It requires 20 Stereo tracks per song to make that work, it won’t accept Mono tracks.
You want a speedy way to convert the tracks Mono>Stereo in that case.
And to be precise: You don’t need stereo audiofiles, you just want the track/channel to behave in Stereo.
And it has to keep all sends/inserts.

The tedious work around atm is to duplicate each track one by one, and than convert them to stereo.
It should go like this: Select multiple tracks > convert Mono channel to Stereo channel > done.

Steinberg, come on, this is easy.