Switch track from mono to stereo

+1 It is important in my workflow!

Thanks. But not much help here.
Try to do it with one monotrack with stereo file on it - you get “Merge is not possible”

I’m working with AAF right now and have about 40 mono tracks with stereo files on it.
I have to manually create 40 stereo tracks just to move all content including automation from those 40 monotracks.

That is not ok in 2022.

regards Alexander

yes! this is the correct answer, I just replaced the last line with a PLE that deleted the “_stereo” and voilá, with just 1 click I have the stereo track!
Someone might get an error if the clip is in Musical mode, it can be solved taking it away from that state or with “set definition from tempo”.

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And so they were.

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