Switch Track in Midi Editor

Long time user here, but I have a “newbie” type question: can you switch to a different track from the midi editor without having to close the window and click on another track? Say you’re editing a cello part, and you want to switch to the bassoon part, or whatever…
I know you can select more than one clip, and see the midi data for both…speaking of this,in previous versions one of the parts would be “ghosted” in lighter colors, now it seems the colors are of equal intensity making it harder to see when notes overlap…can this be changed?

Yes, with the midi editor open, simply select the midi part(s) you want, and the editor will update to display those, if you have the preference Editor Content Follows Event Selection turned on.

Thanks…I do have that option set…but I still have to lower or close the midi editor window to switch to another part…I’m looking for something in the toolbar to be able to switch to any other part (without closing the window) but I see no such feature…am I missing something?
I do see that if you pre-select a couple of parts and double-click on one you can switch the focus
to the other pre-selected part…Maybe that’s the only way to do it ?

I see. For all these years have you used the midi editor full screen, covering up the project view?

There are probably several ways to do this, the first that comes to mind is doing it using using Key Commands and PLE presets in macros. Starting with the command, Project>Bring to front, and the PLE presets can select midi parts by name.

Thanks again…yes, I prefer the midi editor in full screen, as I can focus better on the part I’m editing…You would think that it’s a basic feature…maybe something to request for the next version!
I’m not a big user of macros and key commands, I should look into it more.

This actually has been requested a lot.

But to get what you want is super easy, and does not need more UI elements in the editor. (Such as a list of tracks, possibly hundreds for some people)

Here’s an PLE preset that selects midi parts named bassoon, macro is not even necesaary, since we can now have commands inside a PLE preset.

Make a couple and use the names of the parts you will edit. (Parts. Not Tracks, btw.) Very slick solution, imo.

Thanks Steve…I’ll try this, once I check out the basics of PLE! I’ll let u know what happens…
I guess I use Cubase in a pretty basic and “old fashioned” way…But I do write a lot of music!

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Hey! That’s what you’re supposed to be doing!