Switch tracks directly from MIDI Editor

It would be nice to be able to switch tracks directly from the MIDI editor like in DP8 an PT11.
Now I have to close the editor window (command W), arrow down to next track and hit command E.
In PT11 and DP8 I can even select multiple tracks from a menu in the editor. :smiley:

If you mean what cubase calls “Key Editor” … you can keep the editor open, shift mouse over to the project windows, click on a midi part in a track (not a track itself, though) and the key editor will shift to the new midi part. This distinction between “parts” filling up a midi track and “tracks” holding midi parts has caused me a lot of grief, but I’m getting used to clicking the part not the track.

Two other things affect this operation at the moment, seem like bugs to me, but aren’t allowed in the issues forum: if you have vst instrument tracks with multiple outputs, and/or a tempo track, higher up in the project window than your midi tracks, the midi track numbers will be inaccurate, and the editor will pick up the wrong track by number.

And, if you have moved a “part” from one track to another, the default name of the midi part, taken from the original track, will show up as the part name — making it a pain to figure out whether you are or are not editing the track data you think you are.

The only reason a post would not be approved for the issues forum is if it doesn’t follow the requested format. Nothing to do with whatever issue the report is about.

So activate the pref ‘Parts Get Track Names’

In any case, musicmind is asking for a way to stay in the Key Editor and be able to freely select the track to edit, whihc would be different than activating the project window selecting a part.

I think it would be useful, so +1 for that!

Well. Everything we need is better windows menagment in Cubase. If only key editor (and others edit windows) could be docked at bottom of the screen, we could click at any events, choose many events and show them in docked editor at one time. We could solo/mute any tracks with edit window still open…

Look around. Every DAW have it already. So we need it also.

There is a hope. If chord pad and media bay diserve for docking, maybe edit windows too ?

Steinberg ?

Yes. Haven’t done it in a while, but can’t one already do something similar with the audio channel editor (ie. select a new track for editing from a drop list?)

SteveInChicago, I searched the entire Preferences list (again … again … again … and again … reading every entry … again and again … ) can’t find this one you mention:

So activate the pref ‘Parts Get Track Names’

would seem to be a very good one.

[edit] nm found it. After clicking “appearance” and getting no preferences, I assumed, dumb me, that headings had no preferences (“select an entry”) and the other headings were the same, so all was to be found under subheadings.

If you have your arrangement window set to full screen, the Key Editor will be hidden behind the arrangement window, so after you click on the new part, you have to switch back to the arrangement.
Furthermore if you want to go from editing a single part to edit several parts, it can be quite tricky to select all those parts in the arrange window, instead of - like PT - where you have a list, that gives you the option to edit on or more parts and in the same time looking at other parts.

As to your last post, believe me, I know. I keep trying to find a workable modern solution. In Sonar, you can switch tracks just as you like. But there, you get a renewed default set of controller options, unchangeable, even though you’ve told the damn program 1000 times you don’t want a controller lane for “Midi #7 Volume” because it is set one time and never changed.

Yes, this would be great. +1

FWIW… you’re not the first person to complain about how annoying it can be searching through the ‘Preferences’ thing. #167 of my ‘Annual Requests’ is a Search box in preferences… just as there is in Key Commands.