Switch vst instruments in Cubase 5 for live use

Hello everyone,

I’ve been using Cubase 5 for some time now and there is one simple most basic thing that I would like to ask because I can’t figure out how to do and I’ve been researching quite a while.

I play in a band.

I have 3-4 VST instruments.

I load them most simply in my project > right click > add instrument track.

I’ve tried various combinations in Device setup > Generic remote to switch between vst instruments in my project.

A strange thing happens when I go to Generic remote. In the lower part, when I select for Fader 1 e.g. Device > Vst mixer and Channel/category > [VST FROM MY LIBRARY] and then Value/Action > Selected, the vst is selected, but after I do it for the next Fader (that is, for purpose of switching to the next instrument), I get a 2 seconds lag when switching between the instruments.

I’m using it mostly on my 2009 laptop, but I’ve tried this also on my desktop computer which has 4gb of RAM and AMD A-10 6800K APU with Radeon Graphics, 4 Ghz and with Alesis Io 4 as a sound card and the same thing happens.

I would only like to select a instrument (so I can play only that instrument and change sound presets in it).

I’m using Alesis QX61.