Switched DAWs recently TO Cubase 9.5 or 10? Tell us why.

In recent months I bought a preamp that included an LE version of Cubase. And I’ve been frequenting some orchestration sites that seem to be dominated by Cubase users. And it seems that virtually every quality hardware works for Cubase. Then I saw the awesome new features in Cubase 10! So, Cubase has my attention.

I want to hear the stories of DAW-switchers. Particularly if you came to Cubase 10 pro or 9.5 pro this past year from:

  • Studio One
  • Logic Pro
  • Samplitude ProX
  • Reaper

Why did you switch to Cubase? Features? Compatibility? MIDI editing? Composing? Tracking? Film scoring? Mixing?

And what’s your preliminary verdict? Are you staying? Heading back? Going hybrid? Do tell.
Thanks in advance!