Switched from EUCON to MCU, bit rusty, need help

Long time Cubase user, currently on 11 Pro. I always used Avid Artists (and before that Mackie MCU’s)
But now I’m back on MCU with a SSL Nucleus 2.
The Nucleus comes with an app called “Nucleus Remote V2” which allows it to load templates (SSL calls them profiles) for different daws and customize and save these as your own.
I’ve loaded the Cubase standard Cubase profile and I’m not impressed. Half of the buttons aren’t mapped and the send buttons manage CUE sends rather than FX sends and a whole bunch of other annoyances.

Now, I’ve customized a lot of buttons already and now have access to the F1-F8 buttons which I can map from the Studio > Devices > Mackie control windows. I can also map key commands in the key command menu and assign these to buttons Nucleus remote app. So far so good.

Where I struggle is with the following topics:

    • for MCU there is a “Cubase” and “Compatibility” mode. (being pre 7.5) Since I’m going to customize most of my mapping anyway, I want to do that against the updated “Cubase” mode (SSL advises “compatibility” mode) > Is there a document explaining the comprehensive/exhaustive difference in commands between the 2? Can’t find this anywhere?
    • The Nucleus banking goes amongst channels only? (Instruments, Audio) but not amongst outputs? (I’ve got 16 outputs, can I make outputs/main mix appear on the control surface?)
    • When switching banks, the nucleus2 switches in rows of 8, how do I make it switch in rows of 16?

I don’t have an SSL Nucleus 2, but have been deep diving for a while into using various external control surfaces with Cubase.

And I’ve grown frustrated enough with MCU, that I’ve given up on using that as a protocol. I found MCU not well documented and inconsistently implemented between various manufacturers.

As a result, I’ve been setting up all my external control surfaces as Generic Remote devices in Cubase.

If you can switch your SSL Nucleus 2 into generic midi mode, the Cubase Generic Remote might be an option for your situation.