Switches missing

Hi, I just discovered, that in on of the fonts options the switches are missing. See picture.

switches missing.JPG

The ones that are missing (and can therefore apparently not be changed) are :
default music font, default text font, print watermark font
This should be fixed, since I can’t really see any logic for this.

It’s intentional that those switches are disabled when editing some of the font styles. The switches only indicate whether or not that aspect of the style is overridden from the parent font style, i.e. the style from which this one inherits. For font styles that don’t inherit from any parent, the switches are disabled.

You can still edit all of the settings of that font style: but editing another font style will not cause any changes to this font style, because all of its settings are independent.

You can still edit all of the settings of that font style

I don’t quite understand this … so how/where do I edit this font? I simply I want to change the font of the title of the score. Wouldn’t that be the default text font?

The title of the score is written in the ‘Title’ paragraph style, which you edit in Engrave > Paragraph Styles.

aha! thanks. should have looked what a “paragraph” is … not exactly logical, but once you now it, well … you know it!

Thanks, Daniel, but I think, I didn’t understand the system behind “Font Styles” and Paragraph Styles" yet. I can change the “Default Text font” in both lists, but they don’t seem to be the same?!?
And although some of the switches are disalbed, I can make changes to the style?!?
Sorry for being so slow …

Font styles and paragraph styles are not the same (hence the fact that there are two menu items, which show two dialogs with different options). I certainly accept that the differences between them is not apparent in the user interface. The basic separation is that font styles are meant to be used by the built-in notations for things like clefs, noteheads, etc., but they are also currently used for things that you would traditionally think of as text in other scoring programs (lyrics, dynamics, tempos, etc.).

Paragraph styles, on the other hand, are used in text frames and in the Shift+X text popover, and in a couple of other cases like staff labels.

The switches being disabled don’t prevent you from making changes to the style. The switches tell you whether that specific aspect of the style is inherited from the parent style, or is overridden in the style you’re currently editing.