Switching a Project from Stereo to 5.1 or Quad?

Hi All , I wonder if anyone can help , I am struggling to find a create quad or 5.1 output master .

my current project (while composing) is set to stereo , which is how I work it saves CPU and the early stage of composing everyone expects Stereo ( in my world anyway)

is there a simple way to create a quad or 5.1 output in a Stereo project ? so I can start to assign tracks to the new format ?

I found this but it did help …

I think you should have a 5.1 output set as your main output and then route into groups and outputs based on that.

Perfect , thanks … not sure where to find out settings .

Basically open VST connections and go to the outputs tab and add the max width channel you need. Then:

Setting the Default Output Bus (Main Mix) (steinberg.help)

Then revisit your mix in general and make sure everything flows the way you want.

Thank you! I now see the 5.1 Buss , I was expecting to see a surround panner for each track routed to the 5.1 output , but I only seem to see it at the Master , even when I add a group track still not panner ,

“Str 1” and “Str2” would get whatever panner is appropriate based on the destination track, which is “STRINGS”. So whatever “STRINGS” is should determine what those tracks get. “STRINGS” itself should get a panner based on its output destination.

I would have to check, but it could (?) be that you need to choose the correct panner for the job. I think you can right-click on the panner itself and choose the VST multipanner or whatever it’s called.

Try that. If it doesn’t work then maybe also post a screenshot of the VST connections windows groups/outputs tabs just so people can verify it’s all good.

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Perfect ! Thank you so much …

so it was just the right click I was missing , seem its gonna work well for me to her able to write in Stereo and then mixed down in 5.1 when its finished

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