Switching all tracks to Musical/Linear at once?

Is it possible to do this?

Yes, with the PLE, fairly new feature.

I found @raino’s post about it:

There are also options to switch to musical or linear specifically.

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Perfect, thank you very much. I’d never have thought of looking in the PLE for that sort of thing so I’d better look into it a bit more closely.

Over the past few versions things have been added. I’m optimistic about the PLE going forward.

I particularly like that I can assign a preset to a KC. Toggling Timebase now works exactly as I’d hoped.

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Spoke too soon. Some tracks further down the list didn’t toggle. In a couple, some of their events were shifted to the start of the project! Only some, mind. On a track which does toggle it’s some of the automation that’s moving (in apparent sympathy with similar automation on an adjacent track that doesn’t). On other tracks which don’t toggle either the events stay put. There is a mixture of other Audio and MIDI tracks (some in folders, some not) that toggle just fine.

I know my PLE script is not quite the same as @raino’s but that was for selected tracks and I want it for all so I think I should have been okay.

What on Earth is going on?

Can you show the PLE preset in a screenshot?

Have you tried setting the tracks specifically to musical or linear rather than toggle?

I also wonder what’s going on there. Any chnce you could share the project cpr?

Right. I’ve tried the same PLE preset on other projects of various vintages but with a similar mix of audio and MIDI tracks and they’re fine. I’ve also been back through earlier versions of this project and the problems start when I create the string section. But the errors are not consistent and change in four stages as shown here (* indicates events that move):

> -  Violins 1/2.........................08 cuts
> - *Violins 1/2, *Cellos................08
> - *Violins 1/2, *Cellos................08 (se)
> - *Violins 1/2, *Cellos................08 (sse)
> - *Violins 2,   *Cellos................08-01
> - *Violins 2,   *Cellos................08-01 (sse)
> - *Violins 2,   *Cellos................08-01 (ss+vse)
> - *Violins 2,   *Cellos................08-02 (ss+vse)
> - *Violins 2,   *Cellos................09
> - *Violins 2,   *Cellos................10
> - *Violins 2,   *Cellos................11
> - *Violins 2,   *Cellos, Key Switches..12
>    Violins 1 automation changes!

The 08 versions are for different cuts using Delete Time. It took a while to work out how to use it at first but all went well in the end. However, it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that something crept in at that point. As a result, I wasn’t sure which version would be the most instructive so I’ll PM to you the four that correspond to where the error changes.

I’m very grateful for your help here, Steve, and well aware that I’m digging into your time.

No prob! I received your pm and will have a look when I have a moment today. Interesting puzzle, especially with that last bit from your post above.

I think I see what’s happening

Tracks with shared copies on them can’t have their time domain changed – when I manually tried to switch the timebase on the troublesome tracks, the Key Switch tracks, that’s when I discovered it.

Here’s a fun animated gif to illustrate – open in a new tab or window to see it full size


That was fun!

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And when it fails, every event up to that point in the affected tracks gets shunted up to the start. Makes sense and I suppose explains why the shifted events end up off-bar - it gets confused!

Anyway, working now so thank you very much for your efforts, Steve. Much appreciated.

You’re welcome!

That bit I did not see.

You saw enough and I’m off to bed a happy chappie! :+1: