Switching Audio Driver's Causes Project to Shift Pitch!

I noticed every once in a while that I would open a project and the pitch would be altered. Usually the pitch was higher by a certain degree, and this applied to the entire project, even the noise of the click track was higher in pitch. The tempo was altered as well, even though the transport showed the same original tempo. What it sounds like is time-stretching; everything is faster and at a higher pitch while the tempo stays the same. I did a few A/B tests switching between my DirectX Full Duplex driver and my M-Audio ProFire Asio driver and the problem consistently presented itself over and over. When I opened Cubase 5 using the DirectX Full Duplex driver the project sounded correct but the latency with this driver is obscene, however when I switch to the M-Audio ProFire Asio driver the pitch shift occurs. I highly doubt this is supposed to function in this manner, anyone else run into this problem?

It’s a samplerate issue, your audiocard is running at a different samplerate than the project samplerate.

Make Sure you set the correct samplerate!

Thanks for the reply and that makes sense! I think what happened was I changed my sample rate for one project due to it being overwhelming on my CPU, then when I went to open another project the pitch and tempo seemed incorrect.