switching audio item on the track

If i have kick drum, for example, on an audio track, and i have it all laid out on the grid, but then im not satisfied with it and i want to swap the sample or look for a better one, but not have to lay the new sample out on the grid the same way just to preview it,
whats the best way for me to do that.

It’s not possible to do that with an audio track. However, if you use a sampler such as Groove Agent ONE, it would then be possible. This would mean though you would need to redo the performance as a MIDI track, and route that MIDI track to Groove Agent ONE.

It may be possible to directly overwrite the sample in the audio folder.

Or if transferring the pattern to midi if you use bounce selection to create one part then go into the editor and create hitpoints then create midi part from hit points, you will have a midi part that reflects your kik pattern that can be assigned to a sampler.

Right, using midi, or something like redrum in reason, or groove agent, where i can set the pattern in midi, then browse samples over the pattern seems the only way i can find, however i’ve become really accustomed to programming directly on the grid. Perhaps maybe a way in the pool when once the sample is set it can be directed to the media browser, and the start of the wave file can act as just a guide for the start of another wave file? if that makes sense.

ehh, to tell u the truth, working in groove agent is working out kinda nice, sounds very tight. cubase!