Switching back/forth from C8.5.20 - interface won't open

Hi - I’ve been going back and forth between Cubase 9.0.10 and 8.5.20. I thought I had read a while ago that both can be open simultaneously, but when I try that, the interface isn’t found by the second version of Cubase I want to open while the first one is still open.

So I have to close the one version to open the second one if I want to use the interface.

It’s a Steinberg UR28M.

Is anyone able to have Cubase 9.0.10 open at the same time as Cubase 8.5.40 using the same interface?

Thanks -

The UR family and also many other vendors drivers/utility are not multiclient in Windows, which mean they can run in only one master software at a time.(If you start another master host it wont detect the same audiocard)

I also have a ur222mkII for my mobile rig and it doesnt support multiple hosts at once

The only ones that I remember that functioned with multiple software was an old Firebox and firepods from Presonus and my old Focusrite SAffire Pro 40, but even those ran well only for playback, not recording (for multiple hosts at once).

To work around the lack of multi client support you can install ASIO4all and run one Cubase on the Yamaha Steinberg driver and the other on ASIO4all wrapping the WDM driver and sharing the same hardware though I wouldn’t like to guarantee full stability or performance.

Thanks, Janko Kezar and Grim!