Switching between 1-, 3-, 5-line staff in full score, not only in parts

Hello! I have read a lot about Doricos’ amazing ability to switch between several instruments for one single player, really love how one player can have one-, three- or five-line staff in its part. However, I would also like this to show in my full score, not only separate parts. How do I achieve that?

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (898.4 KB)

You’re talking about percussion instruments, right? Check Layout options (layout dependant)>Player>Percussion
You cannot really change the same player from one line to grid during the piece, but you can use different players (that look like the same player) in the same layout, each with different representation. If the music doesn’t overlap, that your system breaks are thoroughly put and you use automatic hiding of empty staves, it should look like you need!

Hm, I am not sure if I explained this correctly, just to double-check: my flutist is switching between playing notes on a 5-line staff, noise on a 3-line staff, and making movements on a 1-line staff.

To achieve this I created 3 different players, as you are saying (?), and gave them three different instruments. After done inputting the notes, I dragged all the 3 separate players into the “main” flutist, so that the musician can see all the instruments in one line.

The score looks great in the part of my flutist, but in the full score, the lines are separate (with indications that the flutist is changing between the playing techniques). I attach some illustrations of this.

If you still think I can work this out the way you explained, would you mind explaining a little further?

1 picture, three separate players dragged to one single player
2 picture, full score, still three separate lines
3 picture, flute part, looks as I want it to look, also in full score

I did understand your post totally wrong… This is mainly because 3-lines staves are not “standard” in Dorico and I didn’t know you knew the hack to get them.
I have the feeling one of your pictures is in galley view — where all instruments appear, and the other one in page view, with the instrument changes showing. Your full score should show the same as the part, providing you’re in page view and the instrument changes are allowed (in Layout options)

Keep the 5 line staff throughout. It will look nicer and not like you’re making love to your software.

I have read about that as well, it looks like I am in page view here? Is there any other way to turn the page view on? Instrument changes are allowed.

I might actually go for your suggestion @notesetter , it made me laugh and you have a point. I am very curious about how to solve this anyhow.

Alt-cmd-1 page view, alt-cmd-2 galley view. Or check the little button at the bottom rightish of your screen.
You’re right, page view… Well, your page size is way bigger than the ones I use :sweat_smile:

I see! :slight_smile:

Yes, I know the shortcuts as well. Still, the lines are separate in full score and together in parts…

Honestly, apart from the option with instrument changes disabled in the full score, I’m out of guesses…

Oh my, I found the solution! Believe it or not, what did it was changing instrument names from short to full! I also reset to saved defaults first, but that only did the trick after changing the names too. lol, pressing random buttons still does it. Thank you for your time and support!