Switching Between Desktop and Laptop

Are there any suggestions for opening projects on a laptop that was originally created on the desktop with a higher screen resolution? I’m tired of resizing the windows in the various workspaces. I haven’t tried going back to the desktop after working on it on the MBP, but I’d imagine I’d have to resize and organize the workspaces again since I’ve edited them since on the MBP.

I just recently got my MBP to be able to take my projects on the go, so it is only I’m discovering this issue as I’m still slightly new to Cubase. Obviously my other DAWs with a single window design don’t have this issue. I’m not trying to compare, just trying to see if I’m missing something here, as I do enjoy working with C6 and toolsets. Thanks.

The solution I have found is to use Quickeys to move and resize the windows. I have several keystrokes associated with that.

That can be done with Applescript too, see this page ofr instance: http://macmembrane.com/resize-any-window-quickly-and-exactly-with-applescript-and-fastscripts/

Also, in Mac simply hitting the zoom box resizes the window to fill the screen if it’s not already (or if it’s off screen).

I don’t have access to Cubase at the moment (no dongle here), but there might be a zoom window key command there…

Finally, in the Keyboard System prefs pane you can program a keyboard shortcut for “Zoom Window”

None of these are perfect, what is needed is a single window interface like some other DAWs to be really nice…

Same deal here, forgot my dongle at home! arr

I’ll definitely try this as soon as i get home. I just don’t want it maximize to fullscreen if it wasn’t a fullscreen item, just properly resized.

With another read in the manual, I think I might to play with auto-instantiate option, and the “show project presets” option on the MBP. maybe this may help, since I have created the same workspace presets on the MBP, and if I can force it use the MBP (global) presets versus the one in project itself that i’ve transferred from the desktop, I’m hoping this will do.


a single window design would be great, not to replace, but simply there as an option!