Switching between Direction and Attribute (Expression Maps)?


I’ve recently started creating Expression Maps for a couple of String Libraries and I’m just wondering what is the quickest way of switching the Articulation type from Attribute to Direction (and Vice Versa). Is there a shortcut command because currently the only way I know how to do it is to click on the “Select Expression Map for the Track” (either on Key Editor or Arrange Window), followed by Expression Map setup option and go from there. This, when dealing with many articulations can be quite a tedious state of time wasting affairs and just wondering if anyone has a quicker way of achieving this. Perhaps I have missed it in the manual?



I think the way you described is the one and only. By the way I don’t use the articulation variation at all, I set all expressions as directions.
Have just finished mapping all my VSL, it took one week.
And then again you have to consider, that if you try to map ALL the articulations for ex. the VSL Orchestral String - violins, you will still have to use some kind of CC control to “reach” all the cells in a matrix.
I sometimes wonder if it is worth the time and effort?
ps. Find a good podcast and go on!

Thats a bit of a shame if there isn’t a quicker way of switching between Direction and Attribute but hey, I shall perhaps adopt your approach and just stick with using Direction. It is. after all, faster as when drawing in the Articulation lane, the blocks snap to the Midi Notes. To do this with Attributes I have to change the snap type to events and I don’t always want to do that. More clicks.

A week to map VSL? Wow. That’s a lot of time but I believe it. I’m trying to map out 8Dio Adagio Violins and Cellos and its taking me some time. I think its worth it? haha!