Switching between layouts

Is there a way to keep the spot when switching layouts? E.g. I am working somewhere on page 5 or the second flow in full score and want to switch to the individual player layout it always jumps to the beginning of the piece. Same when switching back to Full score. Is there anything I can do about it?

Leave something selected on the page, switch layouts, then if you’re in a version of Dorico older than 4 hit P twice to initiate and then cancel playback (which will centre the selection). In Dorico 4 there’s a new Center Selection command. It doesn’t have a factory shortcut assigned, but you can assign one from Preferences > Key Commands.

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Thanks! Yes, I do have Dorico 4. That’s a great feature :slight_smile:

This works great @pianoleo, but it would be nice to have this feature as a box to tick in preferences, as I want to keep the spot every time I switch layouts. #feature-request #dorico

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It’s worth mentioning here that if you select a note in the Full Score and press W, Dorico will switch to the Part that contains that note.

Thanks, @benwiggy . W takes you back and forth between Full score and the Part - so my Feature request is already taken care of.

Related to this:

I find that when I’m switching layouts, not only does it scroll back to the beginning (which I’m totally ok with), but it also adjusts the centre of the page so that the bottom is clipped off, and so I then need to scroll to fit the height of the page in view…

Does this happen to anyone else?

(I’d attach a project but it happens to all of them - even if I start a new one from scratch)

I think I have found a correct forum to ask the following question: how to keep “custom” layouts on top of layout list? More precisely, I usually create custom layouts like “strings” or “woods” and drag them up just below the “full score” layout. It all works until I make even a small change in anything on the layout list. Second later all my layouts are pushed to the bottom of the list. So, is there any mechanism to lock them on required positions of the list? And renumbering and sorting by number makes exactly the same, all custom layouts are pushed down on the list.
It may seem a small problem, but as I often manipulate the layouts the mindless dragging them up is just a waste of time.
Any help here will be appreciated.

Yes, you can right-click on the “sort” button in the Layouts panel in Setup mode and choose Layout Number rather than Instrument Score Order. Dorico will then not enforce that the layouts should be in the same order as the instruments in the Players panel.

Hi Daniel,
My process was: renumber layouts 2. drag my layouts up 3. Set up sorting by layout number.
Clicked on “sort”, all was correct. Then I opened one of my layouts, did a small modification, closed it and clicked on “sort”. All my layouts were sent down. And that is every time I make corrections and by coincidence click on “sort”. I am not sure, but I think this happened even if after modification I did not click on “sort”. Any suggestions?

I never sort my layouts. I drag them where I want them, change them if I need to , and they always stay where I leave them.

If you click on “sort” again, Witold, Dorico will re-sort the layouts according to whatever method is currently checked in the menu behind the button, but if it’s set to “layout number” it shouldn’t then change order when you make changes in the Players panel. If you have a contrary case, please attach the project and the steps required to reproduce them.